Here is where I'll be updating any new work that I've been working on, finishing, having read, or having produced at the moment. If any of this interests you, shoot me a message, and I'd be glad to chat about it!
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My Writing

An Epidemic Play
90 minute play

A five person play, incorporating music, realized movement, and a combination of many different genres, based in a sort of all-inclusive existentialism. The play, at times, seems to be an extremely sarcastic interpretation of the things taken most seriously in life: disease, domestic ignorance, depression, discrimination, and more. The story follows a seemingly lackluster father-mother-daughter-son family in a post-apocalyptic world where "the city" is quarantined for the "infected" but even so, the family seems to be falling further into the epidemic themselves, whatever that may be, just as the overprotective mother fights to avoid it. When a mother is diagnosed with a terminal illness, she begins to see the faults in everyone and everything around her instead of accepting her own, manifesting disease in each and everyone of us. Her husband depressed, her daughter naive, her son a homosexual. As her disease grows, so does her uncertainty in what reality really means. With the help of her Doctor, she and her family try to cope together with the possibility that they've all been disassociated from reality. Full of psychological confusion, rapid changes of style, and melodramatic humour, the play is loosely inspired by the ideas of Dante's Inferno and the downfall of the human race. For humanity is supervised confusion.
feature length screenplay

Inspired by the play, a tormented wife and mother struggles with the fine line between reality and fantasy as her family members disappear from a raging disease outside the house.

Six years after her husband's mysterious death, Lilly White and her children continue to cope with unanswered questions. Her teenaged children hold a funeral every year on the anniversary of his death while Lilly continuously searches for ways to forget, ways to start over.

When Lilly meets a strange Doctor, she learns that she has been infected by this raging epidemic, and from that moment on, she vows to keep her family safe and inside the house at all costs. As she works to rewrite the past, she sees her children follow in the same footsteps of their father, straying away from the house and toying with the unimaginable infection that runs rampant outside their home.
As Lilly becomes more protective, she begins to distance herself from reality. And as she pulls her kids in closer, she begins to distance herself from them as well, praising their defects, destroying their accomplishments, and infecting her kids just as quickly as she hoped to keep them safe.
COPA: a Jukebox Anthology
episodic TV/web series

A collaboration with Bryan Black and Denise R. Zeiler, COPA tells the story of a young, black American singer on her ride to fame during the dawn of television in 1957. The series explores different methods of telling a story using the iconic music of pop singers throughout the decades.
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